2015 APOD calendar

The 2015 APOD calendar is now available for download and printing in PDF format from the links at the bottom of this post. If you prefer to purchase a printed version, you can do so here. (Friends of APOD receives $1 for every purchased calendar. )

Designed for 8.5″ x 11″ paper (landscape orientation), the calendar is easily printable. For best printed results, print it double-sided in color on bright white light card stock or heavy paper with a spiral or comb (GBC) binding and punch a hole for hanging; many local printing shops (Staples, Kinkos, etc.) offer binding services. Containing APOD images, the calendar makes a great inexpensive birthday or holiday present!

Since the calendar is in PDF, it can be viewed on devices such as the Kindle and many e-readers.

The 2015 calendar is available in different mundschutz schwarz apotheke versions, and all calendars have annotations for eclipses, meteor shower peaks, conjunctions, oppositions, solstices, equinoxes, perihelion and aphelion. APOD explanations for each monthly image are shown, and previous year’s APODs appear as watermarks in each calendar day cell. All images are hyperlinks to their respective APOD pages when viewing the calendar digitally.

Please note that all dates/times are UTC so some moon phases may seem as if they are one day off. Also please remember that best viewing of meteor showers may not be on the peak nights due to moonlight.

These calendars were created by Dr. Nemiroff, one of the two editors of APOD, and he thanks all who offered suggestions for improvements to the almost-final versions.

The last page of the PDF appears upside-down; this is deliberate. When printed, this page serves as the back cover of the calendar and allows one to see thumbnails of all the images in the calendar in the correct orientation (in relation to the front cover).

Calendar download links

  • General
  • Weather and Volcanoes
  • Galaxies
  • Nebulas and Star Clusters
  • Land and Skyscapes
  • Sun
  • Moons and Planets
  • Spaceflight

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    1. We offer these digitally only; I had last year’s APOD calendar printed and spiral-bound at my local copy shop.

      Some printers may offer them, however, and as I learn about them, I will post a notice here.

  1. The hyperlinks looks white in the PDF but when i’m gonna print them, this color it will change to the normal picture?!?! i’m curious

    1. The PDF files just take a bit to load. Come back to the open tab after a minute or so (depends on your internet connection) and all the images should be there!

  2. Very nice job overall and great idea. I hope I don’t seem overly picky, but in the ‘Weather and Volcanoes’ calendar, the label for July is quite hard to read, and in addition it says ‘pictured above’ when in fact the label is above the picture. Otherwise I would print up this calendar, but looking at a typo for a month would slowly kill me…

    1. I’m with you, David. Many of these captions contain references like the one you mention and in places are more confusing than they should be. Apparently astronomers and space geeks need editors too.

  3. Could we have an option to leave blank the squares for individual days? I write on my calendars and many dates have dark-colored pictures where writing would not be visible.

    Yeah, I know, I’m being way too picky. These calendars are gorgeous, and I wish to express my congratulations to the designer(s) for a job very well done.

  4. I really would be nice to have an European version (Monday first day of the week and DIN A4 paper format 210 mm x 297 mm)

  5. As previously mentioned, the dates can’t be read on many of the days due to the print matching the background. I didn’t want to download them all now if you’re going to fix this in the near future. Will they be modified?

    1. It is still a bit early before the need of a calendar although a recent trip to King of Prussia and nearby malls show all of the calendar kiosks.

      As previous mentioned, will we be notified of the possible changes? They aren’t major, but people wanting to share the beauty of the website via the calendars would be important. I, personally, just don’t like the font on the cover of each calendar.

      I think APOD should make a page a day calendar for retail. Money to be made there.

      Regardless, thank you for the generosity in making these free and for the masses. APOD rules!

  6. like the pictures of the constellations and nebulas this colors! I love! My son of 1.5 years old when he sees ( speak in his language) like he knew exactly what it is, hallucinates!
    I would like to have one of these pictures in his room, how is it possible to have a picture of high – quality to print in Big size. Thank you for the time you have spent in reading these lines.
    thank you very much for your contribution to society, for doing with your work.
    Sorry for my bad bad english! :/
    Thank you!

  7. Marvellous photos and nicely presented. Thank you for doing this. I find that displaying the whole year 2014 at the start a bit strange!In fact the whole of 2015 does not seem to appear anywhere.Is this an error?

  8. Good work, calendar makers! I’m totally printing these for my mates. Thank you for making them and allow us to print for ourselves.

  9. Awesome calendars, great work!!

    I agree with John in that a daily calendar would be spectacular! I would buy it in a heartbeat for sure.

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