Things you might not know about APOD & its creators

We share here a random collection of things we’ve learned about APOD and its creators over time that some of you might not yet know there. Have anything to add to the list? Please let us know by replying below!

  • Some APODs take an insanely long time to pull together and are in the works months before they appear
  • Both Bob and Jerry have brown eyes
  • APOD started in 1995 and had 14 hits its first day
  • The number of people who claim to have been following APOD since “its very first day” is exponentially larger than 14
  • Jerry likes poetry
  • One of APOD’s themes is international unity. The night sky knows no nationality and all humanity occupies a single spaceship called Earth. APOD therefore features images from astrophotographers all around the globe, many times featuring regional landmarks in the foreground
  • Yes, APOD has shown images from Antarctica! More than once, even
  • Jerry and Bob have beards
  • APOD is translated into 20 languages by volunteers: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi  and also Farsi, French, Galego, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian,  Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and finally, British English
  • APOD is also available in English in Italy, Russia, and Taiwan
  • Bob likes classical music
  • In addition to the main APOD site and mirror sites listed above, APOD is also available on social and new media sites, and can be delivered right to your email box
  • Every APOD since the very beginning of the site is archived
  • APOD’s birthday is June 16
  • Over the years, APOD has featured three astronomicallyinspired quilts


39 thoughts so far. Leave your own below.

  1. gracias por su valiosa y desinteresada informacion y por compartir este conocimiento tan maravilloso y estas fotos tan maravillosas de nuestro desconocido universo
    gracias queridos amigos

  2. Dear Bob, and dear Jerry,

    have a Very Happy Celebration of this 20th Anniversary!

    In several ways you did not only grow with the Internet, you created a decisive part of it. And if I today think about the sites I am opening every now and then there are very few that have been so persistent. Over time you were able to add short films, but I still remember the first animated GIF of Jupiter! Of all the addictions many people went through who wanted to master life with the web, the one you have created always was and still is the most respectable one. Within these years I have opened your site from so many places, and life itself changed for several times, however your next photo just continued to show the beauty of worlds that some day our descendants might call “our world”.

    Twenty years on you will present a detailed photo of an exoplanet, I am sure, but right now I look forward to see Pluto.

    Well, from the bottom of my heart, and at this point from Berlin: Thank you very, very much!

    Yours sincerely, Christoph

  3. Dear Bob and Jerry,

    there is no single night that I go to sleep without checking the APOD.

    I havent been viewing APOD for long time, but I will keep on. I have learned alot, mediated on your pictures, and got goosebumps almost every time I have looked at your images.

    Please keep on.
    Warm wishes
    Waterloo, Canada

  4. Dear Bob and Jerry,

    For twenty years, APOD has been my browser homepage. It is a wonderful celebration of the heavens and earth and the best way to start the day.

    Thank you,

    Kalle Gehring
    Montreal, Canada

  5. Hey,Bob and Jerry!
    Happy birthday to Apod! And thank you for all the things you do and thank you for all the beauty you took for the world,they are unbelievable wonderful!! Looking forward to see the photos!!
    Big Greating from China.


  6. Dear Bob and Jerry,

    Happy 20th anniversary!

    Last 2 years, there hasn’t been a day that I have not opened APOD. There is no other thing till today to which I am addicted so. Your pictures and the information provided, serve as a wealth of knowledge about our world and universe to lay persons like me. They also inspire a sense of spirituality and unity of the humankind

    Thanks a lot
    Bangalore, India

  7. Good work! No site has done more to inspire budding astrophotographers than APOD


    Victoria, Canada

  8. Happy anniversary! FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!
    Thank you for your wonderful contributions! I saw your work every morning on my smartphone!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I start every day with APOD and poetry—will now add a bit of classical music. Huge thanks for your efforts which set new standards for combining beauty and education. I miss you when the site is down for a day or two, and rejoice when it returns. Bravo!!

    St. John’s, Newfoundland

  10. Keep up the great work! From the other side of mothership earth – Singapore! May the force be with you.

  11. Happy Anniversary Bob and Jerry, I don’t remember if I was there on opening day, but I was there very early on (and very likely went back to see every picture that came before). There is ONLY 1 website in the universe I go to everyday, and that’s APOD. I am thankful, thankful, thankful for your inspirational work. You are the best part of the internet, and my every morning. nick

  12. Because I’ve been following APOD for the last few years, I renewed my hobby for astronomy. Enough to be a guest speaker in my daughter’s high school astronomy class for a day. I hope it helps draw a younger audience to the site, and to the field. Thank for the many, many years of work and dedication!

    Denver, Colorado USA

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    Thank you for helping me start each day with a clear vision of where I fit in. Education, inspiration and awe with great commentary. The links within the comments are like a daily short story waiting to be explored.

    Thank you again.

  14. APOD has been set up as my opening page on my computer for years. Your pictures fascinate me to the point I wish I had become an astronomer.
    Happy birthday and hopefully many more to come!
    Pittsburgh, PA

  15. Thank you for making the past 20 years of my first view of the internet (home screen no matter the browser) the mind’s eye opening window into the beauty and astonishing vastness that we whirl through on our tiny Earth ship.

    Congratulations on the past 20 trips around!

    Longview, TX USA

  16. Congrats and Kudos on 20 years of fascination and inspiration. Yours is the first tab in my browser and altho’ I can’t say I’ve seen every picture since you started, I’ll bet I’ve seen 99%. What all the others above and below have said, I concur. Job well done…keep it up.

  17. My birthday is the same as APOD. That’s how I know I was one of the first to sign on. I can hardly start my day without it.

  18. Congratulations on 20 years! I discovered APOD around 1997, and it’s been my homepage since then. Absolutely addicted. Many times, I’ve checked out the archives–fun to see how the photo quality has changed over time. I often share APOD with others–spreading the word! Dee Dee, Los Angeles, CA

    1. You are my homepage,
      My only homepage.
      You make me happy
      When skies are dark!
      I only know, guys,
      how much I like you,
      Please don’t take my
      APOD away!
      and…thanks for telling me Philae woke up!!!

  19. Thanks a lot for your amazing livication !
    Every evening I get your mail in Israel and its always a great moment of surprise and exaltation on the miracles of this universe.
    Your work is so inspiring !

  20. Thanks Gents !
    Where would I be without all those years of having APOD as my browser’s Home Page ?? Answer: Not knowing my ass from my elbow when I look up.

    But now I can sort-of confidently say that I kinda-sorta know my ass from my elbow, astrophysically-speaking.

    Cheers to more years !

  21. Dear Bob and Jerry I thank you for your wonderful contribution in brightening our day. It helps me strengthen my faith in Allah Almighty and His originality. The more I visit APOD the more I learn about my creator and His immense powers that leads me surrender myself to His will unconditionally. Thank you for sharing

  22. Thanks so much for bring this bit of “reality” to my world every day. You help me keep things in perspective and looking up.

  23. Happy 20th Birthday APOD!!! A heartfelt thank you for sharing the awe inspiring images and footnotes that you do everyday. Astronomy is a strong passion of mine and I’m grateful that APOD has been a part of it for two decades. Thank you.

  24. Hi APOD.

    Wish you a very happy 20th birthday! Thank you for bringing all the great, wonderful and not to forget “AWEsome” pictures. There is not even one day when I skip APOD, I have opened it from whereever I get a chance. I love that one of your theme is “international unity” which I immensely and always feel when I look up at the sky or any of the APOD pictures esp., which feature Earth from space.

    Keep inspiring us! Cheers for several exciting future years of APOD!


  25. I have often shared with my children the idea of leaving our planet a better place at the end of our earthly lives. Bob and Jerry you have done more than can be said to make our planet better for present/future earthlings with all your efforts and dedication to apod. Thank You both.

  26. I recall the early days of APOD, when the idea was young and its creators as well,…. and I feel fortunate to know both Bob and Jerry, and be able to share with them my feelings about their “baby”: APOD quickly became indispensable in my days and in the days of all astro enthusiasts…. it promoted astro in ways no other venue could. I still point people to it, and look at it as often as possible…. Thank you VERY much.

  27. I live vicariously through your work and pictures! When I was a very young child, I wanted to be an astronomer. Alas, my life took a different path (although equally rewarding). The universe is an amazing place and your pictures bring me closer to those childhood dreams. Keep up the great work Thank You!!

  28. Every morning I wake up to APOD! It’s educational and immensely enjoyable. It richens the lives of many. Thanks team APOD!

  29. Your site is the best. The pictures are gorgeous, of course, but the captions are the BEST – informative, funny, clever, poetic – Thanks!

  30. I have visited APOD for many years. Some of the photography is exceptional. Especially the far field photos emphasizing the vastness of the universe. I hope APOD lasts into the far future.

  31. I am an astronomer (cosmologist).
    It nice to know I am not alone.
    Now I am also an addicted APODian.
    Thank you, and 20 more at least–PLEASE.

  32. I tried to take out my first library book on astronomy in Detroit when I was 10 years old. The librarian said I was not old enough to understand things that complicated. Now I’m 85 and still not old enough to understand the cosmos. Thanks to a daily dose of APOD I’m getting there. Dan Koss MTU Mining Engineering, 1960

  33. Happy 25th! One of my favorite conversation starters is “Have you seen today’s APOD?” Live long and prosper!

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