Ways to follow APOD

APOD home page

APOD home page: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html
RSS Feed: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod.rss

APOD’s reach is expanded by volunteers who maintain mirror and social media sites. The following sites are sanctioned by APOD to carry APOD images and text; the volunteers running these sites attribute APOD content to its creators and copyright holders, and have permission to use APOD text.

Mirror sites

A Brazilian mirror has ceased operation but had several years of translated APODs starting with this one and ending here.

Social and New Media APOD-Related Content

Social and new media venues run by volunteers carry APOD-related content; these are not supported directly by APOD. Some of these venues might partially support themselves by carrying advertising next to uncopyrighted images and have  permission to use APOD text. Please note that APOD does not receive any part of any advertising revenue.

APOD-related social media sites

These sites contain a mix of APOD and APOD-related information, including images submitted to APOD for consideration. Many great images are submitted and deserve to be seen regardless of whether they appear on APOD. Following one of the sites below will let you see some of these fabulous images.

Facebook: Sky, Horizon, Universo (in Spanish), Canot (in Farsi), APOD (in Arabic)
Google Plus: APOD River, Imagem Astronomica do Dia (in Portugeuse)

The information above comes from APOD’s About APOD page.