One way your donations to Friends of APOD help APOD

Last January, Friends of APOD funded a Splinter Session on APOD at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting; APOD co-creator and co-editor Dr. Robert Nemiroff spoke, as did one of his grad students and several other people involved with or using APOD in their work. After that, attendees weighed in on how APOD helps them or how they use APOD, and it was then that we learned Dr. Robert Wagner of HACC has been creating daily podcasts of APOD for his intro astronomy students, and has been doing this for SIX years! You can find links to the podcasts here:

This coming January, Friends of APOD will again defray the expenses of an APOD session at the AAS meeting. By having a forum such as this to gather information from astronomy educators, APOD is better able to serve its outreach role and thus its mission. Thank you to our donors for making these events possible!