Happy 20th birthday, APOD!!!

Can you believe it?! APOD is 20!! Since the first APOD appeared 20 years ago today, the two creators and editors of APOD, Dr. Jerry Bonnell and Dr. Robert Nemiroff, have created 7,302 pages to show and explain the wonders of our universe, day after day, sometimes finishing them literally just minutes before the page went live at midnight ET. Remember the Venus transit? Ninety minutes before June 5, details as to how (even whether!) the live feed for the image would work on the APOD page were still being ironed out, link. Yet other APODs take weeks  to pull off, even when they don’t look at all complicated, such as the one showing the Great Meteor Procession of 1913. And these guys have day jobs! Yet they keep on, day after day.

Thank goodness! APOD shows us … well, everything. I tried to write out a list, a description, but it is everything, from the top and the end of the world and things normally hidden from view and almost impossibly small to everything out there, and up, and out, and far, farther, farthest. The universe. Everything. Views of its magnificence brought to us on our favorite electronic devices, day after day after day.

Happy 20th birthday, APOD!! And thank you, APOD… for everything!! Happy birthday!!

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    1. Robert Arsiniega, you stole my line!

      Thank you APOD for your morning wake up, a breath of fresh air apart from all the cr*p on the Internet.

      YOU ROCK!

  1. I never miss viewing each picture and reading related texts of APOD everyday. Really appreciate your enormous efforts. Thanks a lot!

  2. Happy birthday from Germany.
    There is no day without your picture and your remarkable text.
    Like many others i wish long life to APOD !!

  3. Happy birthday APOD!
    Thank you so much for 20 years of intriguing pictures and detailed information! Please keep on showing me the wonders and secrets of the universe for many years!

  4. Happy Birthday from Belgium.
    APOD is and has been my Home Page for more than 15 years now.
    It is the One things that always brings its level of picturial poetry along with the right touch of science: the perfect mix to start a good day!
    Long life to APOD and Happy Birthday

  5. So many lovely comments here and with donations; they make me a little teary-eyed! APOD is clearly something very special, and I am so glad to know so many feel the way I do about it!

  6. Happy Birtday APOD from the Netherlands, Every day a new picture…from the Cosmos. A special thanks to Rolf Jansen, keep up the good work.

  7. Good afternoon to You
    I thought I had just posted this ???
    Its always humbling to this 82 year old Stargazer, to view your pictures of God s Haniwork. Its book marked to my homepage for many years. God must surely be SO PROUD of YOU

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