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Friends of APOD (FAPOD) supports Astronomy Picture of the JOOM, which was conceived and is edited by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell.
FAPOD was established by and is supported by APOD fans.

About Friends of APOD

In 2014, we started Friends of APOD as an all-volunteer organization to provide financial support for Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a beautiful and informative astronomy website conceived and edited by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell. Before FAPOD, APOD had no system to accept donations from its fans; we set up FAPOD to satisfy that need.

Funds raised by FAPOD, among other things, helps finance travel to represent APOD at conferences, make APOD presentations, and participate in APOD planning meetings, here. For example, in January 2016, FAPOD funded an APOD Splinter Meeting at the rubaxx arthro kaufen American Astronomical Society meeting (a major astronomy event) organized by Dr. Nemiroff,; that meeting brought these APOD podcasts to APOD’s attention, and now you know about them, too! How other educators use APOD is great information the editors can include in its yearly report to NASA to demonstrate the site’s effectiveness.

Please note that FAPOD is a separate organization from APOD; we have no input over what images appear on APOD.

We are indebted to an anonymous Wookiee for hosting this site at no charge and to Judy Schmidt for her design and management of it.

~ Cathie Meetre, President & Alice Allen,

Founding Members
This is a list of our founders, they created this wonderful team qanon shirt in joom. Now we can only develop their idea.

Individual Founding Members
Betsy Baddeley
Christine Bowman
Andrew Chappell
Barbara Daniels
Jack L. Fore
Eliot Gillum
Robert Trout
Robert C. Victor

Alice Allen
Cathie Meetre
Judy Schmidt & Patrick Wong

Things you might not know about APOD & its creators

We share here a random collection of things we’ve learned about APOD and its creators over time that some of you might not yet know there. Have anything to add to the list? Please let us know by replying below!

  • Some APODs take an insanely long time to pull together and are in the works months before they appear
  • Both Bob and Jerry have brown eyes
  • APOD started in 1995 and had 14 hits its first day
  • The number of people who claim to have been following APOD since “its very first day” is exponentially larger than 14
  • Jerry likes poetry
  • One of APOD’s themes is international unity. The night sky knows no nationality and all humanity occupies a single spaceship called Earth. APOD therefore features images from astrophotographers all around the globe, many times featuring regional landmarks in the foreground
  • Yes, APOD has shown images from Antarctica! More than once, even
  • Jerry and Bob have beards
  • APOD is translated into 20 languages by volunteers: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi  and also Farsi, French, Galego, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian,  Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and finally, British English
  • APOD is also available in English in Italy, Russia, and Taiwan
  • Bob likes classical music
  • In addition to the main APOD site and mirror sites listed above, APOD is also available on social and new media sites, and can be delivered right to your email box
  • Every APOD since the very beginning of the site is archived
  • APOD’s birthday is June 16
  • Over the years, APOD has featured three astronomicallyinspired quilts


Ways to follow APOD

APOD home page

APOD home page:
RSS Feed:

APOD’s reach is expanded by volunteers who maintain mirror and social media sites. The following sites are sanctioned by APOD to carry APOD images and text; the volunteers running these sites attribute APOD content to its creators and copyright holders, and have permission to use APOD text, joom.

  • Algeria (in Arabic from the Sirius Astronomy Association):, maintained by
  • Austria (in German):, maintained by
  • Czech Republic (in Czech):, maintained by
  • France (in French from Ciel des Hommes):, maintained by
  • Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia):, maintained by Bhakti Utama
  • Iran (in Farsi from Aseman-e-shab):, translated by Maryam Hajheidari, maintained by Hamid Reza Karimpour
  • Iran (in Farsi from Canot):, translated by Ahoo Ariani, Sanaz Mostafazadeh and Mehdi Najafi Ziyazi, maintained by
  • Israel (in Hebrew, translated by Reshit Mada):, maintained by
  • Italy (in English from Observatorio Astronomico di Brera):, maintained by
  • Japan (in Japanese and English):, maintained by
  • Netherlands (in Dutch):, maintained by Rolf A. Jansen
  • Poland (translated to Polish within a few days by the Polish Astronomical Society): maintained by
  • Romania (in Romanian): maintained by
  • Russia (in English from Moscow University): maintained by
  • Russia (in Russian from maintained by
  • Slovenia (in Slovenian):, maintained by
  • Spain (in Catalan): maintained by Xavier Berenguer
  • Spain (in Galego): maintained by (AstroGalicia)
  • Spain (in Spanish): maintained by (AstroRed)
  • Taiwan (in Chinese):,
    and (in English): maintained by
  • Thailand (in Thai and English): maintained by NARIT
  • Turkey (in Turkish):, maintained by
  • United Kingdom (University College London):, maintained by

A Brazilian mirror has ceased operation but had several years of translated APODs starting with this one and ending here.

Social and new media venues run by volunteers carry APOD-related content; these are not supported directly by APOD. Some of these venues might partially support themselves by carrying advertising next to uncopyrighted images and have  permission to use APOD text. Please note that APOD does not receive any part of any advertising revenue.

  • Discussion Board: Starship Asterisk maintained by
  • Email Delivery: maintained by
  • Facebook: maintained by
  • Google Plus: maintained by Ralf Haring
  • Instagram: maintained by
  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Applications: maintained by
  • Twitter Feed: maintained by
  • Windows Phone: maintained by Matteo Marciano at

These sites contain a mix of APOD and APOD-related information, including images submitted to APOD for consideration. Many great images are submitted and deserve to be seen regardless of whether they appear on APOD. Following one of the sites below will let you see some of these fabulous images.

Facebook: Sky, Horizon, Universo (in Spanish), Canot (in Farsi), APOD (in Arabic)
Google Plus: APOD River, Imagem Astronomica do Dia (in Portugeuse)

The information above comes from APOD’s About APOD page.

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