Welcome to FAPOD!

In 1998, I received an email from an online friend saying, “You might like this” with a link to APOD. He was right; I did. And do! Cathie Meetre is another great fan of APOD; we met as a result of APOD, in fact. Many times, people have wanted to help APOD out — there are more good astronomy projects than there is full funding for them — and other than applying for grants, APOD has no good vehicle for accepting donations.

So Cathie and I decided to build one, and here it is, still in all its getting-started glory: Friends of APOD. We’ve formed a non-profit corporation in our home state of Maryland and are seeking IRS recognition for FAPOD as a 501(c)(3) organization so U.S. donors can write their donations to FAPOD off on their taxes.

Want to help? For now, please donate, spread the word, and if you know something about running non-profits and would like to provide advice, please let us know! Once we’re more organized, we’ll be looking for volunteers to help us manage FAPOD.



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  1. Your calendar is pure breathtaking! What wonderful photos and a great collection. A lot of time went in these. Thank you and you make many more calendars in the years to come. Thank you. john

  2. My goodness, 20 years! I was fortunate to find APOD the day after it started, and it has been my home page ever since. Thank you so much for all the work and dedication. I’m glad there is finally a way to show my appreciation.


  3. How do I become a member of FAPOD? Been looking at APOD since I found it in 1999. I enjoy it very much.

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